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If you are looking to make to more putts, have a better short game around the greens, or looking to learn golf swing fundamentals…You’ve found your home.

Afterwards head over to our Golf Swing Basics for Beginners  article. This will help you to start putting together your game and improve each and every day.

Golf Tips for Good Fundamentals

Golf is a game that requires constant work and improvement. This part of the site goes over the fundamentals of the game of golf. Find golf tips on the basics of the setup, golf grip, the stance, how to aim, how far you should be from the golf ball, balance and much more is provided in this section.

Lower Your Scores With a Better Short Game

Typically we refer to short game as all the shots you hit from 100 yards and in. It is also recognized for being where the majority of your score comes from. The shots you hit within a 100 yards will have the biggest impact on your score. This section covers golf tips for all areas of the short game: putting, bunker shots, chipping around the green and pitching from off the green.