Advanced Golf Tips

Golf Tips for More Difficult Shots

This part of the site offers advanced golf tips for tougher situations on the golf course. We cover how to hit a draw, how to hit a fade, and much much more.

  • We’ll go through the adjustments that are needed in order to increase driver distance.
  • I’ll explain how to modify the shape of your golf shots in order to produce a draw, a fade, or even a low golf shot.
  • Situations where the surrounding elements play a factor are also covered. For example, shots from different lies (tight lies, ball sitting down in the rough, ball below feet, ball above feet, uphill lies, downhill lies) require different golf stances and swing adjustments. As well as shots that involve rain, cold weather or even strong wind (headwind, crosswind, backwind).

Advanced On Course Management Strategies

One of the best way to improve your golf game is to understand how to properly manage your shots before you even make a swing. Having a solid swing is important but, knowing when you are facing a “sucker pin” location or when not to short side yourself can make huge differences in your round of golf.

Avoid Short Siding Yourself

What do we mean by short siding yourself? Short siding yourself is when a pin is only a few yards off the edge of a green and you miss your shot on the same side as the pin, that is short siding yourself. It means that you have no green to work with for your up and down attempt.

An advanced golfer will recognize the dangerous pin location. Depending on the situation, the safe play would be to attempt to play your shot towards the middle of the green. 

Make Mid Round Adjustments

Making mid round adjustments is key to maturing your golf game to the next level. Some days on the course you feel like you can miss, your drives are hitting the fairways and your iron shots are landing exactly where you’re looking. On the flip side, there are also days where you don’t have your game. 

When you don’t have your game, it is easier to put together a decent round by taking a more conservative approach. Swing your drive as smooth as possible and aim for the widest part of the fairway. From the fairway, aim for the middle of the green and strive for two putting as many greens as possible. This strategy is a good way to regain your confidence when you feel like you don’t have you best game.


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