Advanced Golf Tips

Golf Tips for More Difficult Shots

This part of the site offers advanced golf tips for tougher situations on the golf course. We cover how to hit a draw, shot shapes and much much more.

  • We’ll go through the adjustments that are needed in order to increase driver distance.
  • I’ll explain how to modify the shape of your golf shots in order to produce a draw, a fade, or even a low golf shot.
  • Situations where the surrounding elements play a factor are also covered. For example, shots from different lies (tight, rough, ball below feet, ball above feet, uphill, downhill) require different set and swing adjustments. As well as for shots that involve rain, cold weather or even strong wind (headwind, crosswind, backwind).
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3 Tips To Shoot Lower Scores

3 Tips To Shoot Lower Scores Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Do you feel like you have what it takes to shoot in the 70’s? The 60’s? Or maybe you’re just trying to beat your personal best But,

How to Hit a Draw

How to hit a draw for beginners Do you ever watch the pros on tv and notice that a lot of those players mainly hit

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