Add Lag to Your Golf Swing For More Distance

impact position

If you want to add more distance to your swing, one of the first areas to look at is whether you’re lagging the club or casting it. Learning how to create the  correct amount of lag can help your ball striking consistency tremendously.

Think about being able to put the center of a hammer on the center of the nail every time you go to pound that nail into the wood. Same concept here, you are essentially swinging a long hammer with loft and attempting to hit a nail sized dot on a golf ball. Sounds easy enough right? Not so much. Probably why golf is the hardest sport in the world. 

Below are a few pictures showing the difference in positions you should be in. Notice the gentleman on the left, the club head is almost past his hand in relation to the ball and he hasn’t even hit it yet! I can assure you the ball flight was a high slice or snap hook.  

Now, for my guy on the right..weight has shifted forward to left side nicely. His right hip is higher than his left hip, allowing him to cover the ball better. Notice how he has driving the butt of the club past the ball and towards the left pocket. Most importantly, NOTICE THE LAG in the club head. The club head is still way above his hands meaning he has the ideal amount of lag and there is a good amount of whip stored in that club.

This is an example of the club being casted. Don't do this.

casting the club
photo credit: reddit u/duffranchise33

This is an example of lagging the club into impact. Do this.

lagging the golf club
Photo credit: Adam Young WRX

What are a few ways to help fix casting the club?

I like to feel like I’m dragging the club across my back from the top of my swing towards impact. If that feel isn’t working for me on that day then, I like to feel like I’m holding the wrist set for as long as possible before releasing the club toward the target. One aid that I really like to use to help me feel this is the Lag Shot Golf seven iron. This aid is one of a kind. Kind of similar to the Orange Whip but this is an actual club and you can hit balls with it. Genius invention in my opinion. 

Lag shot really helps you keep your hands ahead of the club head. Like you noticed in the example above of delivery positions. The player on the right understands bringing his hands back to ball before the club gets there. The Lag Shot training aid forces you to whip the club through the ball giving you that nice solid contact you’re looking for. Here is a example video of the Lag Shot and how it works. 

Lag Shot Helps Improve Ball Striking Consistency

There is typically a fine line between hitting the ball flush and missing it a bit to a complete shank. Eww, I don’t like using the S word. Sorry. There’s a fine line between a really good shot and really bad one. 

One thing we like to have our students do is to feel some of the last positions in the swing before impact. This helps get the player as close to impact as possible correctly. From there most of the golf swing is natural. We like to use Impact bags as well.