Golf Swing Basics for Beginners

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Are you new to the game of golf? Are you looking to build some solid fundamentals for your swing? Whether you’re a professional golfer or just getting started playing, mastering the game of golf takes much practice and focus. In this article, we’ll cover the golf swing basics for beginners that help’s the beginner golf get better at golf. 

How should a beginner swing a golf club?

Start with a Good Grip

First we need to start with our grip. Our grip is what dictates what kind of connection we have with the club. Make sure your hands are comfortable on the club. It doesn’t matter whether you are interlocked grip, overlapped, or even baseball grip. As long as it feels comfortable to you and you can make a good swing with that grip, you’re good to go. In order to have good connection to the club we want to make sure our thumbs are down the shaft and our hands as connected as possible. We don’t want a gap between our hands or any space as this will cause us to get flippy and not allow us to create the proper hinge with our wrist during our backswing.

What are the basic fundamentals of a golf swing?

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locking the arms in position with internal or external rotation. This allows you to create a solid triangle with the arms. Giving you a solid foundation. Elbow towards the target. 

Keep the butt end of the club in line with the sternum for as long as possible. Only at the top of the swing will the end of the club leave the chest. Rotate the chest to the right and then to left. 

3. Strike down on the golf ball

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With irons and most situations we want to always be hitting down on the ball, never try to help the ball in the air. The club face has loft on it and will send the ball airborne on its own.

You want the right arm to be straightening out in front of the ball. Drive the right wrist down and through the ball. 

Focus on middle of face to the middle of the ball. Set the club up directly behind the golf ball in the middle of your stance. 

Drills for hitting the ball first and then the turf

Bunker Drill – draw a line in the sand and then make swings with the club only hitting in front of the sand mimicking the divot being make in front of the golf ball.