Find The Best Golf Gear: Trusted & Reviewed


Picking the right equipment really makes a difference a golfer’s success.

Golf is probably the one sport that relies on equipment the most. And debateable, a player will only be as good as his equipment and how it is fit for their play style. 


Iron Sets

If you don’t want to purchase your clubs one by one, you can always grab a full iron set. This will include all of the clubs you need to tee it up!


Drivers allow you to hit the ball further on the course. Here are our driver reviews for best golf drivers:

Fairway woods

Fairways woods also help you get the ball to further distances. It also helps out of the thick rough. Here are our fairway wood reviews for best fairway woods.


Hybrids are a combination of irons and woods. Here are our reviews for best hybrid golf clubs.


Irons help you get the ball to exact distances. Here are our reviews for the best irons:


Wedges are irons with high loft that are used mostly around the greens and 100 yards and in. Here are our reviews for the best wedges:


Putters are there to help you get the ball in the hole. Here are our reviews for the best putters. 


There are many types of golf balls and balls are definitely all not made the same. Most overlook the value of playing the correct golf ball for your type of game. 

Just because most pro’s use a ball like the Titleist Pro V1, (read our review here) doesn’t mean it is always the best choice for you. Some balls need a certain amount of club head speed, all of the benefits are lost if the player can’t reach those speeds. So make sure you chose the correct ball and don’t be afraid to switch it up every once in awhile.


In addition to golf clubs and balls, you’re going to need some essential equipment as well.