When you’ve taken your last cat nap following your third meal of Thanksgiving you know Christmas is approaching quickly.

Finding the perfect gift for your favorite golfer is sometimes a bit tricky. Most products promise to be the best thing since sliced bread but…..aren’t ever very good.

Good thing we have reviewed dozens of the best golf products on the market today. No matter whether you’re looking for a quick Christmas gift, Birthday present or surprise gift for Dad, I’m going to help you locate the best golf gifts for any golfer in your family. 

Lets get started.

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Best Golf Gift: Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors ($180)

One of my favorite gifts for other golfers is from a company called Arccos Golf.

I’m not kidding, this product is great for any level of golfer.

The Arccos Caddie Sensors and Smart Grips are probably the coolest thing out on the golf market currently.

Why’s that?

Their product pretty much tracks every shot you hit, provides the data behind the shot and provides feedback.

No matter if the golfer receiving this gift is a scratch golfer or just beginning – this will help them out.

They have two separate products to choose from the Smart Sensors and Smart Grips.

For the serious golfer, the grips are easier to use and you never have to worry about the sensor falling out.

But, one downside to the grips is that you have to re grip your clubs so that’s an extra cost, and there is an $99 annual fee for the grips.

Who is this gift for? The golfer that plays at least once a week and loves to spend time on their swing and travel down the rabbit hole with swing data.

Who is not for? The device is pretty self explanatory to set up and use,  but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who doesn’t like tech.


Best Golf Training Gift: Blast Motion Golf Sensor ($149)

Blast motion golf

When you’re watching the tour on Sunday from your couch with a cold one in your hand, do you ever wonder how those players tempo’s are so good?

I, myself, believe tempo is a huge contributing factor to a solid golf swing. The Blast Motion Golf Swing Sensor might be the best device we have tested thus far.

This device will help improve your tempo, make better contact with the ball and give you all the data you will need to practice efficiently.

This will not only help you hit the ball straighter down the fairway but will also help you hole more putts. 

Who is this gift for? The golfing geeks who really like to nerd out on swing data.

Who isn’t it for? The feel golfer who shows up 20 mins before tee time, hits a few balls, rolls a few putts and is good to go.

Good Alternative: The Zepp 2 Swing Sensor. Very similar to the Blast Motion it clips to your golf hand instead of your club.


Best Golf Launch Monitor: Flightscope Mevo

flight scope mevo

The FlightScope is super easy to use and can be powered up indoors or outdoors. So if you have a large room or garage set up you are money.

FlightScope ranks among the top for go to portable launch monitors. With an ambassador like Bryson Dechambeau, you can assure the data is accurate.

If you’re looking to tighten up your golf game and understand a little more about your game. The FlightScope Mevo is the undoubtedly one of your best options on the market today.



Best Alternative Golf Launch Monitor: Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor ($499)


The Rapsodo Launch Monitor allows you to track every shot on the course and it even allows you to turn your camera into a very handy golf training aid.

The Rapsodo stands out against other entry level launch monitors because of the seamless integration on the app and its easy accessibility. 

The technology used in this monitor is the same Doppler radar tech that other devices use 20 times the price.

Who should use this? The golfer that needs some extra perks to get out and practice his or her game.

Who shouldn’t use this? Someone who doesn’t care to practice at all and just likes to grip it and rip it.

Best Alternative? Optishot 2 Golf Simulator ($299). This product is good but don’t expect it to be right on the dot everytime. But, it gets the job done well enough to play a fun course in your garage in the middle of January or get in a sneaky practice sesh with boys. 


Best Golf Gift For The Golfer Who Always Drinks on the Course: Chippo Golf Set


Golf, meet Cornhole, Cornhole, meet golf…

This sure is a fun game for any backyard BBQ on a summer night. Grab your drink and your lob wedge and get ready to play some Chippo!

CAUTION! If your friends or yourself are bad at chipping make sure to read our best chipping tips guide

Who should you buy this for? Any friends who like to have gatherings and typically has a corn hole or beer pong set up already in place.

Who shouldn’t you buy this for? I really can’t think of who would like this gift? 


Best Golf Rangefinder: Bushnell Pro XE ($549)

bushnell pro xe
Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder

Over the years of gifting fellow golfers, I’ve found that a rangefinder is always almost one of the best gifts out there. Why’s that? Being able to know exactly how far you are from things on the course at all times is great advantage.

My favorite rangefinder is by far the Bushnell Pro XE.

It’s the newest from the leaders in golf rangefinder technology. If also has jolt sensor technology that vibrates when it locks on the flag. 

But they didn’t stop there, it takes it a notch higher and integrated temperature and barometric pressure (altitude) into it’s “plays like” readings, making it one of the most if not, the most advanced rangefinders ever made.

Don’t forget they added a typical up sale item for these devices: A magnet. Very good move Bushnell.

This is by far the best rangefinder I have ever used or reviewed. It comes with a hefty price tag but, if you want a great product that will last you along time – you’ve found it.

Who is it for? The regular golfer who wants the most advanced rangefinder on the market.

Who isn’t it for? Someone who already has a good rangefinder that works just fine for them. 

Solid alternative? Bushnell Tour V5. The V5 is below the Pro XE on the shelf, but I still really enjoy this rangefinder. It is very quick and fits well in your hand.  And if you choose the non-slope version? It’s only $300.

Best Training Aid For All Players: LagShot

lag shot
Lag Shot Swing Trainer

To be honest, this is one of my favorite training aids because when I’m playing my best golf is when my tempo is on point. 

The LagShot can help your golf game in many ways. The club has a heavy, black club head and a blue whippy shaft that allows you feel where the weight of the club is. 

The LAGSHOT really forces you to take the club away smoothly and not make any quick movements in transition. 

Ultimately, this swing aid is best for your arms to body timing. 

Don’t forget it will help you get more lag in your swing and get you in better impact positions leading to further drives and lower ball flights with the irons. 

Pick up your LAGSHOT here

Lag Shot Swing Trainer Review

Best Stand Golf Bag: Ping Hoofer ($280)

ping hoofer

The 2020 Ping Hoofer stand bag continues to be the leader in golf bags. For most golfers, this has always been the go to bag for many good reasons. 

The Ping Hoofer has a oval shaped five-slot opening with five dividers. The opening size for the dividers in big enough for mid-sized grips and larger putter grips. We really like that because there’s nothing worse than not being able to get your putter from the bag after sticking it five feet.

 The Ping Hoofer has:

  • An attached rain hood that makes sure it’s on hand at all times
  • A dedicated cart strap attachment
  • Seven color combo design
  • Ping’s high quality products and long standing reputation 

Best Alternative Stand Bag: PING 4 Series II Stand Bag Golf Bag

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