Lag Shot Swing Trainer Aid Review (Updated)

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We all know real swing changes take more than a few minutes. But, this training aid will start to show you the correct feels in the immediately. Now, with that being said let’s dive right into today’s review.


Most swing training aids offer to take you to the promise land, but in reality most never quite get us there. Lag Shot has some pretty big promises to fill from “knocking 7-10 strokes off your score” to “Adding 2-3 clubs of easy, effortless distance are all promised the second you land on their website. Like most golfers looking for any edge we can get to improve our game, I whipped out my credit card and bought one to see what all the hype is about. 

Simple Use & Set Up

Like most golf clubs you purchase online, this one comes in a long skinny box already fully assembled. So, there is no set up. The club comes with a series of instructional videos that comes with the purchase, I’d highly recommend watching the videos if i were you . It’s not hard to get frustrated with your new swing training aid if you’re unsure what the end goal is.  Again, check out the videos. 

They include a total of ten videos for their clients to view. One for the driver and two for the wedge. From start to finish, the videos are about 7-8 minutes in length. Not too long, but not the shortest – straight to the point – videos I’ve ever seen. But, with that being said the instructors do provide some solid information on how to properly use the Lag Shot.

What Does The Lag Shot Compare To?

I like to compare this club to the Orange Whip. But even better! Do you remember the good old Orange Whip training aid that helped us feel lag in our swing? I actually liked that training aid and found some great benefits to it. It really helped with your tempo and keeping your arms in sync with your body. The Lag Shot takes it to the next level with their product because you’re really making contact with a golf ball and not just feeling positions. Feeling the whip in the club, especially with a driver is a key component to hitting the ball further and more accurately.

Credit: Lag Shot Golf

Here is a video from the company explaining how to properly use the club:

The company has ten great videos that you can watch with PGA Teaching Pro Adam Bazalgette. He is a well known pro on Youtube and runs the website Scratch Golf Academy

What is "lag" in the golf swing?

Lag is basically the golf club trailing behind you hands and body in the golf swing. Lag in the golf swing comes from the maintaining the correctly angle with your lead arm/wrists and the club’s shaft. 

Most of time amateur golfers think that if they move their arms faster with faster body rotation it will create the ultimate source of power but that simply just isn’t the case. 

Ben Hogan used to always tell people he was instructing that “I like to lead with my elbows.” He was explaining the feeling that he had when he was starting his downswing. He knew that his right elbow was the first body part that would lead into impact, followed by the hands and then the club head last. This would store all the energy into the club and allow for him to deliver head of the club with maximum energy. 

The correct structure of the right elbow is so important in creating the right lag in your golf swing. By having your body in the right position from the start of the swing allows you to the best positions for maximum lag. 

Golf lag drills

Try these golf lag drills with Clay Ballard to help you hit the ball further and shoot a better score next time you’re on the golf course.

Lag shot golf trainer review

Does The Lag Shot Work?

Let’s call a spade a spade and finally determine whether the Lag Shot does what it says it does or not. The 7 iron comes with a very flexible shaft (remember the Orange Whip?) The club weighed 20 ounces compared to my Taylormade 760 iron at right under 16 ounces. The club has close to a standard swing weight. This was a bit surprising to me because the club actually feels kinda’ heavy. Lastly, we must note that the shaft is rather thick, I would compare it to a mid size grip or so.

On the range, the Lag Shot made me keep my arms high and let my lower half do most of the work in the downswing.  I also noticed that it required me to use my hands and forearms quite a bit through impact to make sure the club face was square at impact. Being scratch golfer, I know both of these aids in the swing would help any golfer.

At first, most of my shots were going pretty far right. I like to hit a hold off cut as a stock shot so this didn’t surprise me much but, in order to hit the ball straighter or even to the right, I had to strive for much more “left” hand path through impact. After that, the balls started soaring through the air with great trajectory. Every golfer out there loves to produce a nice strong, piercing ball flight on the course. 

I got the hang of the Lag Shot with a couple of swings but, I will tell you that this will not be such an easy task for the average golfer with the typical Over the Top swing. If the player does not know how to use their body in the swing this swing aid will give you some head aches for sure. With that being said, I think the Lag Shot Swing Training Aid will bring lots of benefits to most golfers.

My Test Run with The Lag Shot

My first impression of the Lag Shot was definitely a good one. Right out of the gate it seemed like a well constructed club. 

I love the fact that the training aid is merely a club and doesn’t force you to wear a device or have to be uncomfortable in any way.

You can just begin swinging the club and you will start to feel what you need to more of to get the hang it.

We all know that there are many ways to hit the golf ball and most swings do not look the same. But, all good swings have good lower and upper half timing and all deliver a square club face to ball at impact. 

The Lag Shot really helped me feel the correct sequencing in my swing and also helped me feel my hands far ahead of the ball before impact. Giving me a nice descending impact.


The Lag Shot cost $120 if you order through their website HERE. If you have swing flaws, I think this product is perfect for you and is a great present for any golfer. I really enjoy this product and I’m glad I’ve added it to my practice/warm up routine.  Lag Shot provides a 30-day money back guarantee.


Does the Lag Shot really do what is says it does? My answer is Yes, aside from all the promises and hype. This product will work wonders for any golfer with an over the top swing. More importantly this club will force you to feel the “lag” in your golf swing. In most circumstances this will mean that you moving your body correctly and allowing the club to do the work for you, not the other way around.