TOUR Championship 2020 Preview and Picks

Justin Thomas, TOUR championship
The 30 man tour championship begins on Friday at East Lake country club in Atlanta.

The field will have a staggered scoring format and the tournament finishes on Monday.

If you’re going to win this week you really need to think outside the box. DJ might go under on because he such a high cost. But it’s hard not to take him when he’s on fire lately and is getting strokes.

I personally witnessed Rory McIlroy win last year to claim his second FedEx cup. Don’t be shy to bed on the northern Ireland her again.

Prop bet of the week

I must admit, Todd has thoroughly impressed us through all of his Midsomer title contentions, even though we didn’t like them at most of those venues. Some of those courses were better suited for the long Ballers and most of the fields were extremely deep. Which didn’t stop Todd from climbing to the top of multiple leader boards. Which puts them in a good position for a top-five finish at the tour championship 2020 Eastlake.

Not to mention, Todd is playing in his hometown backyard of Atlanta. Playing on Bermuda greens, and of course that doesn’t benefit length off the tea because the fairways are tight, Eastlake should Fit Todd nicely.

Rory Mcllroy did win in 2019..

You need some to go from like 25 to 10th but also Rory is probably one of the lowest owned to actually have a shot to win with all the strokes. You get 30 pts for first. So you have to have a top player in there. Anyone starting at E has no shot at winning this week at all.