Best Golf Grip Reviews

A golf glove helps you keep a stable grip while adding stability and consistency to your swing. It is an essential golfing apparel that plays a vital role in creating more friction and gripping power, especially on the weaker hand.

Nowadays, most golfers take this “wearable accessory” for granted and tend to splash more on shoes, hats, and other stuff. Though there’s nothing wrong with investing in something that’ll make you look and feel good, getting a good pair of golf gloves could be an actual game-changer.

There are tons of golf gloves to choose from—all with their unique selling points. And yes, it could be daunting to look for the right one in a sea of options. But, don’t you worry, we’ve done the hard work for you. In this article, we bring you the best golf gloves you could get your hands on today.

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What Our Experts Say...

Best Overall: TaylorMade Men's Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove

"We recommend this glove in terms of all-out comfortability. Engineered to elevate performance, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove is the choice of the world's best players. These gloves fit like a second skin, yet puts sensitivity at bay."

Rating: 98/100

  • Excellent tackiness and grip
  • Extreme comfortability 
  • The glove’s fit reinforce unparalleled sensitivity

  • callaway glove

    "The price is right on this one. It is perforated throughout the palm, fingers, and thumb for increased breathability and reduced moisture. This product is an excellent cost-effective solution to tour gloves and has a similar feel, but at half the price."

    Rating: 97.4/100

  • Great grip and feel
  • All-leather construction 
  • Excellent quality and right cost-effective solution to tour gloves

  • finger ten glove

    The Finger Ten Men's Golf Glove is designed to bring simplicity to the golf course. With its water-resistant fabric, you can use it regardless of the weather condition. May it be rainy or sunny, the Finger Ten Men's Golf Glove will keep your grip at its finest."

    Rating: 97.2/100

  • Top Choice for sweaty hands
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Provides good grip and feel

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    9 Best Golf Gloves For Grip & Comfort

    1. TaylorMade Men's Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove

    taylormade glove
    Credit: Amazon

    The TaylorMade Men’s Tour Preferred Flex Golf Glove is great for those who want a slim and grippy glove.

    To optimize grip and mobility, TaylorMade used AAA Cabretta Soft Tech leather for this glove. It also comes with a 4-way stretch nylon insert for increased flexibility.

    The Tour Preferred uses stretch fit tab adjustment. The glove will also stay in place during the swing because of the specialized contoured fit wrist lining. 

    To keep hands cool and dry during the game, the Tour Preferred has plenty of perforated holes, strategically placed to optimize airflow. The holes don’t just feel good; they also look cool. The wristband is made of moisture-wicking material for increased breath-ability. Antimicrobial construction was also added to keep the hands fresh.

    If there’s a drawback of the Tour Preferred worth noting, it’s the durability. While it doesn’t last as long as some gloves in the market, some extra care can help lengthen its lifespan. It’s not a bad compromise for a top-notch glove.

    Key Features


    ● Optimized fit ● Excellent breathability ● Slim and flexible


    ● Durability ● Smaller fit for fingers

    2. Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove

    The Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove is a mid-priced yet sharp looking glove with an all-leather construction for maximum durability and great feel.

    In terms of sizing, the Dawn Patrol has a wide range of sizes from Small to Extra large to ensure compatibility with different hand sizes. It also fits snugly in hand, thanks to the Opti Fit Adjustable Closure.

    The Dawn Patrol has perforations around the thumb, finger, and palm to reduce moisture and increase the breathability of the hand at every swing. Comfort-wise, it provides a soft feel due to the use of Terry Cuff cotton. It also ensures the absorption of moisture to keep your hands dry.

    One thing to note about the Dawn Patrol is that it absorbs water quickly, which can make clubs feel slippery. But with extra precautions, such as removing it between shots—it can last a long time. It’s a durable glove as long as it’s kept dry. While not an all-weather glove, the Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove is still a great bang-for-buck proposition.

    Key Features


    ● Incredible Feel and Comfortability ● All-leather construction makes it very durable ● Affordable considering its high-quality construction


    ● Loses grip when wet ● Takes some time to break-in

    3. Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove

    Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove is a terrific option for all-weather conditions, delivering excellent grip and comfort whether it’s scorching dry or wet and chaotic.

    The secret behind its amazing grip is the Finger Ten’s use of proprietary Suedemark microfiber in the palm area. Even when soaking wet, it maintains a good grip on the club. It also dries out quickly, thanks to a breathable high-quality 3D mesh that keeps dampness at bay. This is very handy, especially for those with sweaty hands.

    However, unlike other gloves, the Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove doesn’t come in pairs; it’s a one-piece only affair. Regardless, it’s a great value for money for an all-weather glove.

    Key Features


    ● Breathability ● Capable in all weathers ● Dries quickly


    ● Slightly inferior grip in the dry ● Comes in one piece only

    4. Callaway Opti-Color Leather Golf Glove

    The Callaway Opti-Color Leather Golf Glove is the same as the Dawn Patrol reviewed above but in other colors. While the Dawn Patrol is only available in white, the Opti-Color is available in black and gray and eye-catching colors such as red, blue, navy, and green. This glove is perfect for fashion-conscious golfers with supreme performance in mind.

    As such, the Opti-Color retains the superb features the Dawn Patrol has. It has all-leather construction for durability; perforations around critical areas of the glove for superior breathability, and Opti Fit Adjustable Closure for a grippy glove with a great fit.

    However, the eye-catching colors mean the Callaway Opti-Color Leather Golf Glove comes at a premium over the Dawn Patrol. But then, it’s perfect for those who want to stand out on the golf course while maintaining good gameplay.

    Key Features


    ● Incredible Feel and Comfortability ● All-leather construction makes it very durable ● Eye-catching colors


    ● Loses grip when wet ● Coloring can get into the hands

    The MG DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove is a surprisingly good glove at a low price. Unlike many gloves in its price range, it’s made of high-quality Cabretta leather instead of synthetic materials to ensure excellent grip without losing your feel to the club.

    More about the MG DynaGrip’s fitness, its Velcro closure ensures a hand-hugging fit and prevents the glove from slipping when holding a golf club. There are perforations in the fingers, too, to help prevent sweaty hands.

    However, there’s a problem when it comes to this glove’s durability. After a few rounds, it suffers from tearing due to the thin leather used. Thankfully, it’s cheap, so it won’t hurt the wallet so much when it breaks. At its price range, you can’t ask for more.

    Key Features


    ● Cheap ● Soft, supple, and thin ● Grippy


    ● Lack of durability

    6. Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

    The Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove is pretty unique on its own terms. Designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon, this glove was created to reduce grip pressure and reinforce sensibility.

    This glove also comes with an anatomical relief pad strategically placed in the inside finger areas to follow the hand’s natural curvature. With this, you’ll get a tighter grip with minimal grip pressure, resulting in reducing hand fatigue. If you’re someone who has arthritis yet wish to keep a steady grip, this glove is highly recommended.

    On the other hand, the Bionic StableGrip has web zones between the fingers to enable proper ventilation. The material is made out of Lycra—known for its superior elasticity— for maximum durability, breathability, and flexibility.

    Key Features


    ● Breathability ● Less fatiguing to the hands ● Easy to clean and durable


    ● Unusual feel ● A bit expensive

    7. TaylorMade Stratus Golf Glove

    Stratus Golf Glove is made of Cabretta leather with micro-perforations strategically placed to increase breathability and reinforce a fantastic grip. But what sets this glove apart from the others is its hybrid design—combining the leather with Hypertec’s soft and breathable synthetic material.

    Hypertec is well-known for its resistance to sweat and humidity. Hence, merging the Cabretta leather and Hypertec material gives you a consistent grip even in hot and humid conditions.

    However, the hybrid design makes this glove noticeably less durable than all-leather gloves. But for those who are willing to trade a bit of durability for superb comfort, the TaylorMade Stratus Golf Glove is an outstanding choice.

    Key Features


    ● Grippy and flexible ● Great breathability ● Comfortable


    ● Less durable than all-leather gloves ● Some irregularities in manufacturing

    8. FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves – Pair

    FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves – Pair

    While it’s always advisable to go for a glove with a leather grip when it’s dry—it’s a different story when there is rain. The FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves is the perfect golfing partner to combat the effects of rain on your grip.

    The FootJoy RainGrip comes with an auto suede knit palm to provide every golfer an unmatched grip in wet and humid conditions. It also has the QuikDry knit material on the back of the hand and fingers to ensure optimum breathability, flexibility, and, as the name implies, quick-drying comfort. And an angled closure strategically positioned for a precise fit and stress-free comfort.

    Be reminded that the RainGrip is designed for wet use only, not for all-weather use. However, as a replacement for the leather gloves when the weather gets drizzly, this is an absolute performer.

    Key Features


    ● Outstanding grip in wet or humid conditions ● Quick Drying ● Comfortable


    ● Pricey ● Not suitable for dry use

    9. Finger Ten Synthetic Leather Junior Golf Glove

    Finger Ten Synthetic Leather Junior Golf Glove

    From the name itself, the Finger Ten Synthetic Leather Junior Golf Glove is, well, made of synthetic leather and designed with junior golfers in mind. The design is attractive, especially for kids, with a myriad of colors available. Four different sizes are available for both left and right-handed golfers with ages 2-10

    The leather material, while synthetic, allows for great feel, grip, and durability. The 3D performance cool on mesh provides better breathability, fit, and a great range of motion.

    But let’s be honest here: this is no Cabretta leather glove, so it’s not the one you’ll stick for a long time. However, the Finger Ten Synthetic Leather Junior Golf Glove gets the job done and a great starter glove for budding golfers.

    Key Features


    ● Durability ● Great grip ● Designed for junior golfers’ hands


    ● Mediocre feel

    Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Evaluation

    1. Comfort

    When deciding what golf gloves to consider, it is always essential for comfort-ability. The glove should feel snug as if it’s your second skin. But, too tight doesn’t mean it’s the right one; you have to make sure it fits correctly to prevent discomfort while swinging.

    Choosing the material used is also a critical factor to consider. A fine Cabretta leather glove could provide a soft feel that will mold to your hand perfectly. A 100% synthetic glove can mimic the feel of leather yet offers more durability than leather.

    2. Grip

    You have to weigh your options before choosing your grip size. Grips come in many widths or thicknesses: undersize, standard, midsize, oversize, and any size in between with the use of buildup tape underneath the grip. Consider personal comfort, hand size, and finger length at all times. Typically, your top hand’s fingertips should be just slightly touching your palm when gripping a club.

    3. Fit

    It is a critical factor to ensure that the glove fits. You will know that it is the perfect glove if it fits your entire hand tightly. The amount of material left at the tips of your fingers should be minimal to none. If you have too much, then it is clear that it’s not the right fit. You need to note that the glove should be smooth at the back of your hand and on the palm.

    4. Durability

    It’s pretty straightforward that you need something that will last for a long time. Get into each detail the manufacturer offers and evaluate the materials used. Is it made of synthetic materials? Or Cabretta leather? Always do a little digging before purchasing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some glove care tips that we can practice?

    When gloves are not in use, remove them, especially in between shots. Let it air out for a while to dry off. It is never wrong to carry two or more gloves and change them as the round goes on. For storing, keep them in a plastic zip-lock bag to prevent moisture build-up.

    What sizes do glove manufacturers offer?

    Keep in mind that there are no “one size fits all” gloves. All glove manufacturers produce gloves that will fit your hand perfectly. Most manufacturers offer men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes.

    Many manufacturers go a step further and may offer a men’s medium-large (ML) glove since most men may fit between medium and large. There’s also a Cadet size that has shorter fingers and wider palms. If possible, try before you buy.

    What to do if my glove gets wet?

    The best technique is to let it air dry at room temperature or outside. But when a glove is damp in play, we advise you to change it to give you maximum performance.

    Also, keep more than one glove in your bag in case terrible weather interrupts your round or when your glove gets damp with sweat.