Congratulations on choosing a hybrid over a two iron. We all know you can swing the 2 iron but the hybrid provide more consistency.

With tons of options on the market, finding the right fit can be a challenge.

The best way to find the right hybrid for you is to match it to what type of player you are.

Just like other clubs out there, some are designed to less forgiving and some are designed to be more forgiving. 

That means tell the truth if you really suck, it’s okay. We all sucked at one point or another. There’s no sense in saying you’re better than you really are and end up with the wrong club in your hands. 

Our Choices for Best Hybrids

  1. Cleveland Launcher Halo Hybrid – Best Hybrid for High Handicaps
  2. Taylormade SIM Max Rescue – Very Good For Beginners As Well
  3. Mizuno CLK Hybrid – Best Hybrid for Experienced Players
  4. Titleist TS3 Hybrid – Next Best For Low Handicaps