The Best TaylorMade Driver to Have in 2020

Outline: Intro Best Overall—TaylorMade M6 Best for Fixing a Slice—TaylorMade M6 D-Type Best for Low Handicappers—TaylorMade SIM Best for High Handicappers—TaylorMade SIM Max Best for Female Golfers—TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Driver  


It’s not what do you want to hit off the tee? Instead, it’s what do you need to be hitting off the tee? Our answer—the best TaylorMade driver to have in 2020. With a company as prolific as TaylorMade, they have a model that suits the needs of every type of player.   For this reason, there is more than one answer to what the best TaylorMade driver to have in 2020 is. Everyone swings differently. For that reason alone brands need to make clubs that benefit all types of golfers. When it comes to hitting it off the tee, TaylorMade is one of the best for players with varying swing speeds, ball shapes and skill levels.

Best Overall—TaylorMade M6

Making the choice for top pick in a the best TaylorMade driver to have in 2020 wasn’t an easy decision. With this brand, there are plenty of good choices. But, the TaylorMade M6 drivers stands just above the rest.   When you invest in a driver, you want something you can continually adjust as your swing changes or you improve. TaylorMade M6 drivers do a little bit of everything. Whether you’re a new player that needs some forgiveness as you work out their long ball game or a veteran that makes an occasional minor tweak, this is a great option.  
  • Twist face technology reduces side spin which will help you keep drives straight, and in the fairway.
  • This generation of “M-series” drivers is built with more carbon than ever, a lighter material that will help increase swing and ball speed.
  • Hammerhead slot on the sole helps to expand the sweet spot and makes even off-center hits seem like they were crushed dead center on the face.

Best for Fixing a Slice—TaylorMade M6 D-Type

Easiest way to get rid of an unwanted slice without over aggressively changing your swing? A driver with draw bias. Today, we’re talking TaylorMade. When it comes to the best TaylorMade driver to have in 2020 for this, look no further than the M6 D-Type.   A lot of golfers hear the phrase “draw bias” thrown around, but not many understand quite how it works. For the TaylorMade M6 D-Type, it’s all about design and weighting. The first feature is a bit of a mind trick, but makes the clubhead appear more open than it actually is at address. Through this, you’re encouraged to close the club before your swing starts. Secondly, internal weighting is set up so that the club will close as you swing through the ball.  
  • This is a lot like the normal M6 (or best overall pick), with an added draw bias.
  • Added loft in high toe and reduced loft in the low heel helps control spin on many golfers most common misses.
  • Low center of gravity helps you launch the ball, even when you miss low on the clubface.

Best for Low Handicappers—TaylorMade SIM

What makes a great driver for low handicappers to us is an increased ability to shape the ball and change your approach on a hole-by-hole basis. When you’re a new or improving golfer, you need to be locked into one method of hitting the ball. This way, you reduce the harmfulness of mistakes.   When you get into the single digits of handicap, you need more freedom. At this point, you’re trying to set yourself up for success using varying methods of ball shape and strategic positioning. With the regular TaylorMade SIM, you can do so much more than with any other TaylorMade model. Making things even better, this provides a fair amount of forgiveness, while also rewarding good ball striking.  
  • Of all SIM drivers, this model has the smallest clubface. This requires the precision of a low handicap golfer and makes it top skilled players top option for the best TaylorMade driver to have in 2020.
  • A moveable weight is another feature seen only on this version of the SIM, allowing you to adjust for ball shaping preferences.
  • Low launch design coupled with an adjustable loft sleeve gives you more versatility when it comes to changing launch angle and ball flight based on the course and conditions in front of you.

Best for High Handicappers—TaylorMade SIM Max

When this driver was getting named, they could have called it the TaylorMade SIM Max (forgiveness). Instead, we’ll have to live with them dropping the extra word. What’s important though, is that making contact anywhere on the clubface provides a similar ball flight and result.   Due to the forgiving nature of this club, and the inconsistent nature of high handicappers, we knew this had to make our list of the best TaylorMade driver to have in 2020. If you need a boost in distance, this driver has you covered. If you want to work on control, this is a great option is well. If you’re one of the many that needs help in both areas, don’t worry; TaylorMade SIM Max drivers do it all.  
  • TaylorMade SIM Max drivers are a great option for mid handicappers as well. For a high handicapper, you won’t have to replace your driver after dropping a handful of shots per round.
  • Advanced weight distribution makes it easy to hit this driver high, regardless of where you make contact. This also adds to increasing control since you can land in tighter spots with less roll.
  • Chromium (carbon and titanium) driver head allows for an aesthetic you can use to properly align yourself before every drive.

Best for Female Golfers—TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Driver

More and more ladies are playing golf. Because of this, more companies are making clubs devoted to this group of golfers. Also because of this, we made sure to include an option for females in our pursuit of finding the best TaylorMade driver to have in 2020. Our decision? The TaylorMade SIM Max Women’s Driver.   Rather than force a woman to buy a male club, only to cut it or choke down on it, TaylorMade builds these with the typical size of a woman in mind. By using a shorter shaft, it helps to maintain the proper weight distribution. Additionally, this means that the golfer can hold this club at the end and get every advantage possible when it comes to generating power, speed and distance.  
  • An aerodynamic sole does even more for speed generation. Changing to this club and making no other adjustments is guaranteed to help you swing harder and more consistently.
  • As with the men’s version, this has twist face technology which reduces the bad in your misses and increases the good in your great hits.
Can also serve as a great option for a senior or junior golfer due to its size