Best Wedge Set Review 2022

56 degree wedge

In this wedge set review we will cover everything you need to know from the bounce on the club to the loft and how that affects your play. 

Being able to hit your wedges well makes a big difference in your overall score. Your wedges account for most shots from 100 yards and in. 

A PGA Tour player would never walk in Dicks Sporting Goods and buy a wedge off the rack—and you shouldn’t either. With a ton of notable 2022 options in every loft and grind possible, it’s easier than ever to find an ideal wedge setup for your game.

We tested the best wedges from all the top club manufacturers to help you find the perfect chipping and pitching tools for your game. Read the complete results below to identify your next go-to wedge.

Four Different Types of Wedges

There are four different type of wedges that make up the whole category. Pitching wedge, Sand Wedge, Gap wedge and Lob wedge. 

The Pitching wedge is the most commonly used wedge and comes with most complete golf bag set ups. 


Loft range: 44* to 49*

Generally sold with a set of irons, the pitching wedge is designed to easily get under the ball on contact to send the ball high up in the air and land soft on the green. Pitching wedges range between 44 degrees and 49 degrees, and when the average player hits the ball correctly it can fly between 105 and 125 yards. Before trying to improve your game with the three other wedges, it’s crucial to know how to properly use the pitching wedge first.


Loft range: 50* to 54*

Gap wedge is also known as the approach wedge. With degree on the club ranging from 50 degrees to 54 degrees. It is used to go higher and shorter than pitching wedge so many average players may or may not even have this club in their bag. Gap wedge will fly somewhere between 90 and 105 yards if ball is struck correctly. There are many different types of finishes for the gap wedge such as, chrome, silver, rusted and even black. 


Loft range: 50* to 59*

The sand wedge is primary used to get the ball out of the sand. But many players will use the club from 90 to 100 yards. The sand wedge will have the widest sole of all the wedges so that it can slide through the sand and pop the the ball out of the bunker and onto the green. This club has advantages out of soft thicker grass like the rough and wet muddy conditions. 


Loft range: 59* to 65*

Lob wedge is alway known as the lofted wedge with the highest degree of all the wedges. The lob wedge is a great club to use around the greens and especially when you need to pop the ball in the air quickly and have it land soft. With the degrees ranging from 59 degrees to 65 degrees many plays will use this club from 75 yards and in.