Simple Chipping Tips for Around The Greens

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Do you struggle with chipping around the greens sometimes? Are you the guy or girl that needs to hit a nice little 10 yard bump and run but end up hitting it thin all the way across the green? Look no further, these chipping tips will get you right back on track to lower your shot count around the green.

Chip with your Pitching Wedge Around the Greens

Most time I see amateurs chipping with a sand wedge or 60 degree wedge around the greens. In most cases you really don’t need that much loft to move the ball a shorter distance. Unless, we need to stop the ball or don’t have any green to work with.

Stand Closer To The Ball When Chipping

Another common mistake I see in some of my students is that they stand way too far away from the ball at address for a chip shot. Standing a little bit closer to the ball gives you more control over the ball. This allows for you to have a more “toe down” approach to impact. If the toe of the club touches the ground first you can never chunk your shot.

Open Your Left Side to The Target

Always remember that the ball is only going in the direction of the club face not your body! Your body’s position on the shorter shots doesn’t matter as much, the only thing that matters is whether you’re getting the center on club on the ball. I prefer to have my body slightly open to the target on my pitch shots and short chip shots.

This allows space for your arms to freely move towards the target.

Opposed to have a slightly closed stance or even square stance and having to force your hand path left.

Why force it? Just open your body and the hands will travel left around the torso, just how you want it.