How To Hit a Draw for Beginners

Do you ever watch the pros on tv and notice that a lot of those players mainly hit the ball from right to left? That’s because most of PGA Tour players play a natural draw. In this article we will discuss some easy swing tips to help you a crispy draw like you see on TV.

How To Hit a Draw in Golf

What are Draws and Fades?

A Draw and a Fade are shots that control the movement of the ball through the air, directing it in a specific arc. The Draw curves the ball from the player’s right side to his left, while a fade does the opposite. Sounds quite simple, it is not so simple to pull off, though.

They truly are a huge part of a good player’s skillset. Being able to hit Draws and Fades consistently will make a huge difference. So let’s dive right into How To Hit a Draw.

  • Set up with the club face is aiming slightly to the right of your target.
  • Set your feet, hips and shoulders further to the right than the club face (this will, put the club face a closed position in relation to the swing path, producing a draw spin on the golf ball).
  • You want to start the club path along the line of your feet, hips and shoulders, sending the ball out to the right and allowing the angle of the club face to curve it back left.

First, lets start with your set up

This is another key aspect of controlling the ball, as you might have guessed. In this case, we will have to modify three parts of your regular posture to achieve the goal of hitting a Draw.

1.      Feet: Position them just like every other regular shot, and once you have the right spread between them make sure you point your toes to the right. More so than the club head is pointing to that side.

2.      Hips: Your hips play a big part in your swing, no wonder they will be important here as well. Just like your feet, you should point them to the right.

3.      Shoulders: Again, the part of your body that guides the whole movement of your upper side is responsible here to aid in shooting a Draw as well. Have your shoulders point to the right and you will be all set in terms of posture.