6 Easy Putting Tips to Shoot Lower Scores

putter alignment string

How can I improve my putting on the golf course?

Are you an inconsistent putter? Do you have 2 or more 3 putts per round? If so, these putting tips may be right up your ally my friend…

Bad putting is the easiest way to shoot higher scores. The worst part is, if you’re a pretty good player and are consistently in the mid to high 70’s..well, I’ll take a wild guess and say you’re not dropping those 10-15 footer’s for birdie when you do get the ball close to the hole. Maybe that’s not your case..maybe, you’re no good at long lag putts and can’t lag the ball inside that 3 foot circle. Whatever the case may be, these 6 easy putting tips will help all aspects of your game.

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How can I make putting easier?

Here are some putting tips to make putting easier for you the next time you head out to tee it up. 

Should I look at the ball or the putter when putting?

Look at the ball.

I like to look at the front part or a dimple on the front half the golf ball. This ensures that I’m making a solid strike through the golf ball with my putter each and every time. 

Some players use (more advanced methods) their sharpy line on the ball and try to see the line on the top of the putter go right down the line of the ball at impact.

I like to keep putting as simple as possible so the line method is a little tedious for me but, hey, you know the saying..”different strokes for different folks.”

How can I improve my putting skills?

Try these drills next time you’re at the golf course to help improve your putting skills. 

1. No look putts

Do you stare at a basketball hoop or the ball when you are shooting a free throw? I’m pretty sure if you’re like most of us..we stare at the hoop with hopes that the ball goes through the hoop and makes the cool swoosh noise.

This rule applies to your putting stoke believe it or not. Next time you’re at the course practicing putting or even if you’re hitting a few putts before your next round, try this easy putting tip out.

Start with a 5 foot putt and 3 balls. Do your normal routine, whatever that may be. But, this time when you are getting ready to make your putting stroke I want you to stare at the spot of the cup you want the ball to enter. If it’s a dead straight putt then stare middle, if it’s right to left stare at the right edge..you get the idea. What were really doing here is connecting our mind to body. Our mind is telling our body how much we need to swing the putter, what direction the putter face needs to travel and how hard the ball is struck. What you’ll notice is, that your mind does all the work for you! Putting really isn’t that difficult..sometimes we make it much harder than it actually is.

2. Toss the ball to the hole

This might be one of the easiest putting tips of them all!

You could try this drill before you even grab a putter. Sometimes when I show up to a new course that I’ve never played before I like to toss a few golf balls underhand and watch how fast or slow the greens are after the ball rolls out. Did it land and make a hard thud? Are the greens hard or soft? This is all great information you can pick up from this very easy putting tip.

3. Do Line Drills Every Day!

Before you can ever become a great putter you must know how to hit a straight putt over and over again. You have to figure out how to hit a nice firm straight 6 footer with the match on the line. One of the best ways I practice my putting lines is a putting string. This putting aid helps so much because you literally have a line hovering over your ball and can see if your ball is online the whole time or if it’s moving off line. It is also a great aid to use for breaking putts. The most important key to making a big breaking putt is to get the ball started on the correct line. Make more putts today with this easy putting tip!

4. Good Putter’s Play Par 2’s

Each and every day play 18 holes on your local practice green. Use one ball and make every hole a par two. Make 30% of the holes make-able..something in the 8-20 foot range. Try and replicate your recent rounds that you have played. Are you always putting from 30-40 feet? Do you hit close and never make the putts? Whatever the case may be…make the distance on the majority of your holes the distance that you need to improve on. This easy putting tip will make you a better putter within a month! Keep track of your score on a piece of paper that you keep in your golf bag. The most important part of this putting drill is to pretend like you are playing in a big money match. Go through your putting routine on each and every putt. Make it feel as real as possible!

5. Putting mirrors and gates

One of my most favorite tools is my putting mirror. One of the easiest putting tip I can give is to have the proper set up that works for you. What I mean is, not everyone’s body is the same so our postures will look different from player to player but everyone must be square to their putting line to have a better chance at a solid putting stroke. Having a putting mirror is the same as have the alignment stick on the range. You have to have your shoulders, knees and hips all in line with the ball. A putting mirror will immediately show you whether you’re square or not.

6. Stay Posted on The Left Side

If you think about your arms swinging from your shoulder joints like a pendulum then it would make sense that you would want the center of that pendulum arch slightly towards the target. This is going to do two very important things for your putting stroke.

  1. Provide a consistent strike through the entire ball each stroke
  2. Allows the putter to stay down through impact and not swing up.

Conclusion: Keep track of the data

Golf is a game of misses. Sometimes it’s good to know how often were missing and more importantly how often were making putts, This might be the easiest of all 6 putting tips to improve your golf game. Treat your practice like it’s own game day in and day out. (If you practice every day) Keep track of your par 2 course scores, your clock drill scores, 10 balls in a row drill and anything else you’d like to track.

Practice these easy putting tips to improve your game now. If you want to start shooting lower scores and taking more money off your friends during the skins games then get to work!

We hope these putting tips make putting easier for you the next time you head out to the golf course to tee it up.