What is the correct distance from the golf ball?

In this section we will cover how to check our set up with proper distance from the golf ball. Being too far or too close to ball can cause some really bad habits in our golf swing so let’s make sure we have a good understanding with how far from the golf ball we should be.

How far should we be from the golf ball?

Because every length of club changes from driver down to the pitching wedge, our distance from the golf ball will change with each club.

Over time you’ll develop a good feel for the correct distance from the golf ball with each different club.

Distance from the golf ball - Summary

Stand straight up and down holding the club directly out in front of you parallel to the ground.

Now bend at the waist until your club hits the ground and then slightly flex your knees.

You should be able to take the chosen club and lower it onto your front thigh. The club rest about 1-2  inches above your knee cap. If the club is higher or lower on your leg, change your distance to the golf ball.

Remember not to flex or straighten your leg to get the club resting an inch above the kneecap – you need to move your feet further or closer to the ball.