How to develop a proper golf stance


Having a proper stance in golf is very important to how consistent you are through a full round or days in a row. I think that’s one of the most impressive attributes that a PGA tour player possesses, consistency. It’s one thing to go a have a great day and then be a little off the next day. But, they go out and product great golf shots for four days in a row and in most cases the winning player has four rounds in the 60’s. 

What makes a good golf stance?

The golf stance consists of several different components – the right amount of width of stance, the correct amount of knee bend, the flexion in your feet combined with overall posture. We talk about posture in this part of the site.

A stance that is too narrow can cause a lot of problems, from swaying in your swing to falling out of balance from start to finish. If you’re not balanced in your golf swing you’ll never play good golf.

If your stance is too far apart, it will restrict your body movement causing a loss of power and poor timing.


What is the best stance for driving a golf ball?

The ball should be lined up with your left heel for a right handed golfer. This ball position will be the furthest forward out of all the clubs you hit. The ball will move further ball as you club down ended with just behind center with a wedge.