golfer teeing off while playing the golf game wolf with friends

One of the funnest golf games to play for money these days is the golf game wolf. The classic golf game Wolf combines wit, strategy and some opportunistic cunning. Grab your clubs, and let’s get started with this exciting game. It’s as simple as a maze at a funhouse.


1. Form a group between 3 and 4 players. It is best to play with odd numbers of players.

2. This will rotate for subsequent holes. The order of play for the next holes will be rotated.

How to Play:

1. The first player starts the game. Each player must hit their tee shots in the order determined.

2. Declare Wolf: After watching each player’s first tee-shot, the second player must decide if he wants to “declare” wolf. The “Wolf”, for the hole, is then that player. The Wolf decides after the second player tees-off but before the third.

3. Teammate selection: If a Wolf declares that they are a Wolf, before the third golfer tees-off, then the Wolf chooses a partner to play the hole with. The player who is last to tee off will be the partner. The Wolf must declare himself before the third person tees-off. If he doesn’t, then the Wolf option passes to the third.

4. Hole Play: The Wolf and his partner are a team that plays against other players. The Wolf is always the last to tee off. The hole is won by the team with the lowest score.

5. Before teeing-off, players can agree upon betting terms. Players can, for example, decide how much money or points they want to win or lose per hole. If the Wolf is playing alone, the amounts can be increased.

6. Scoring: There are many ways to earn money or points:

If both the Wolf and his partner win, then they will each receive points or money.

Winning As the Wolf: The Wolf can win by playing alone. If he wins, he will receive double the points or money of each other player.

Winning with the Other Players: If the other players are successful in the hole, they each receive money or points from the Wolf. If the Wolf loses and plays alone, he pays double to all the other players.

7. Rotation: The order of play for the next tee is rotated, with the player who played the Wolf in the previous tee being the first one to start.

Strategy and Mind Games

The true essence of the game lies in the strategy and psychology at play:

  • Players must decide whether to declare themselves as the Wolf based on their confidence in their own skills and the quality of other players’ tee shots.
  • The Wolf’s choice of partner can be a strategic decision, aiming to balance strengths and exploit weaknesses.
  • Non-Wolf players must consider whether to play safe and get chosen as a partner or play aggressively to win the hole individually.
  • Wolves might play alone to double the stakes but need to be confident in their ability to outperform all other players.


Typically, the game is played over a certain number of holes (9 or 18). The winner is the player who has the most money or points at the end.

Variations and House Rules

Like any good game, the game of Wolf has numerous variations and house rules. Some groups may tweak the scoring system, alter partner selection rules, or introduce special abilities for the Wolf. Feel free to customize the rules to fit your group’s preferences.

So there you have it – a closer look at the captivating game of Wolf. It’s not just a test of golfing skills; it’s a mental game of cat and mouse that adds a whole new layer of fun to your round of golf. Just remember, whether you’re howling with victory or cursing in defeat, it’s all part of the Wolf experience.

Pro Tips

As the Wolf it is important to evaluate the quality of your tee shot before declaring Wolf.

It’s important to hit your tee shot well enough so that you are chosen as a partner. But not too well, or the Wolf will play alone.

In the game of Wolf you can make and break alliances, your strategy is key, and winning can be just as elusive. The golf gods will always be in your favor.


How do you play wolf golf game for money?

Let me break down the golf game Wolf, golf’s favorite game with a twist! It’s like your regular round of golf, but with a dash of excitement, some friendly betting, and a lot of laughs.

So, here’s how it goes: In Wolf, you and your buddies set a price tag for each point, usually starting at a cool dollar per point. But hey, if you’re feeling saucy, feel free to up the ante – just remember to keep it friendly.

Now, when it comes to deciding who’s the big cheese on each hole, we use a little something called “better ball.” Picture this: Player A and Player B are a team in a 2-vs-2 match. Player A sinks a 5, but Player B pulls off a slick 4. Voila! Their team score for the hole is a 4. Teamwork makes the dream work, folks!

Now, let’s talk points. In a 2-vs-2 matchup, the winners pocket 1 point per player. Simple, right? But wait, things get spicy in a 1-vs-3 showdown. If the lone wolf (that’s the solo golfer) takes the win, they snag 2 points per player, doubling their delight. And if you’re the daring Lone Wolf in a 1-vs-3 match, well, you’re the star of the show, winning triple the points – yep, 3 points to be exact!

Now, here’s the kicker: if the hole ends up in a tie, it’s a “wash.” Translation: no points carry over. So, no playing it safe, folks! Go for broke, or as we like to say, unleash your inner golfing beast!

When the round is all said and done, it’s time to tally up those points and see who’s the big winner. If Player A ends up with 40 points and Player B has 30, Player A takes home a crisp $10. Winner, winner, golfing dinner!

What is the wolf golf game with a handicap?

When playing wolf golf, the goal is pretty much the same as in other golf games: score as many points as possible. And, just so you know, we usually play Wolf with everyone’s full handicaps.