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Golf Lessons for Beginners

This section of the website is dedicated to beginner golf tips for players that are newer to the game of golf…

As a beginner, the amount of lessons on the Internet can be a bit overwhelming if you take in too much information. So where do you begin? What areas of the game should you focus on first?

This beginner golf tips guide will give you the right outline to get started playing better golf.

It outlines a step-by-step process for selecting the most appropriate areas for you to focus on as a new golfer.

Follow this guide and the lessons within it, and you’ll develop a reliable golf game that will hold up against old man par for many years to come!

Keep It Simple Sweet KISS – The Basics

Ask almost any of your fellow club golfer’s what the most frustrating thing is about their golf game and they’ll tell you it’s the highs and lows in their game…

Every beginner golfer has hit the perfect golf shot. The one that you hit right in the center of the club face with just enough shaft lean to give you a crisp strike.

But rarely is anyone able to hit these type of shots consistently for a full 18 holes. Some golfers can play one good round a week but are right back at trying to figure out what was helping them succeed on Monday the following Sunday.

What causes inconsistent golf?

Poor technique.

It’s nearly always down to an inefficient golf swing that is very difficult to repeat with any level of accuracy and control.

As a new comer to the game of golf you are in a unique situation. You are a child to the game and everything you learn from the very beginning will play a influence for the rest of your golfing career. A player that is taught to chip, putt and form a strong short game will most likely beat the golfer that was taught how to hit a driver far on a driving range. We all know short game is a key to playing solid golf.

Do you best to commit to a routine for the lessons and beginner golf tips in the article below. That way you can come back and revisit them anytime you need to in the future.
Don’t be like most beginner golfers I see…

Don’t just head to the range and scrape in ball after ball…PRACTICE WITH A PURPOSE. Treat each shot on the range like it is a shot on the course. Obviously, get warm and hit some shots without thinking to get your body loose. But you should start honing in on your mental focus right from the get go. That way you have a nice routine built from the many repetitions the golf range will give you from hitting ball-after-ball.

Here’s the best golf tips for beginner golfers…

Step 1: Master A Strong Setup Position

In the sport of golf, the ball is in a stationary position and does not move. Because of this we are able to be in the correct posture time and time again if we have the correct form.

One of the best golf tips for beginners is a good setup. Setup is not something hard to accomplish but most have issues with the correct set up and end up making the golf swing harder than it already is with incorrect form.

Setting up correctly to the golf ball may seem like something silly and is over looked by many amateur golfers. You should monitor your set up almost every time you hit golf balls so that you don’t start letting bad habits creep into your golf game.


Check out the following lessons and tips in the order below to master a great golf setup.

Keep a golf club on hand whether you’re at home or at work. Being able to grab a club and do a few minutes of practice will make a huge difference in the long run.

Don’t worry about wasting your money at the range until you’ve mastered the set up positions.

I like to use the train tracks analogy: Think of your club head being on train makes it a lot easier for the train to get home efficiently if the train get’s started on the right tracks. If the train has to make extra stops and extra turns to get back to the train station…the ride takes longer and isn’t as smooth.

STEP 2: Know Your checkpoints Like the Back of Your Hand

If you’ve ever watched the PGA Tour. You have more than likely seen Justin Thomas take a few swings on TV. One thing you’ll notice is that he checks his quarter swing position on almost every swing. This helps him feel where the club should be at that point in his swing. Sometimes you see guys checking different positions in their swings…nevertheless, they all are working on a feel or position within their swing.


Keep a golf club handy so that you can continue to work checking you positions.

It’s useful to have a Large mirror to check your swing in. Make sure you can clearly see where the club is at throughout the whole swing.

You can start working on your swing with a ball on the range now. But, don’t worry about ball flight direction just yet.

STEP 3: Develop A Strong Short Game

If you haven’t been told before. The game of golf is won from a 100 yard and in… a.k.a you need to have a great short game if you want succeed.

While lots of players think they’re a good golfer because they can out drive the group while staying in the fairway. But we all know that the little scrappy player who doesn’t hit it far but can chip and putt usually wins in the end.

You should try to spend as much time as possible on your short game. It will take the pressure off the other parts of your game. A good player knows he doesn’t need to hit every green and fairway to shoot under par. While the novice player will get frustrated because their not hitting the fairway with their drive, get emotionally distracted and end up beating themselves before anyone else does!

Checkout the following lessons and beginner golf tips below to start becoming a great short game player.

You can practice short game in many places but, chipping around your living room and back yard may be best. Start with chipping the ball very short amounts of distance. 3 yards, 5 yards, 10 yards once you feel comfortable with these new techniques you can advance. You can also chip in your house with wiffle golf balls or the foam golf balls.

STEP 4: Every Shot Must Have Purpose

Too many days pass while I’m giving lessons at the range and I see the same players pounding ball after ball. With dreams that their repetitions will turn into future success on the course. In my 25 years of play, I have learned that success from mindless repetition will not come.

We have an entire section on beginner golf tips. We recommend that you spend some time on those lessons before you start hitting balls at the range.

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